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I would like to get as many manuals for my Evo as Possible (Evo6). As with most car companies, they will all tell you that you cant buy the manuals, when the reality is, once you know the name and the part number they are always obtainable.

To start off the list.

The CD from Ralliart for the E6 has two documents on it:

Workshop Manual S9806CNCP9-A
Technical Information Manual N9806CNCP9-A

An important point to note with both of these manuals is that they only highlight the differences between the E5 and E6. So if the parts have not changed from the E5 then there is NO information or mention in either of these documents.

Over to you guys....

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I agree, you definatley need both the 5 and 6 manuals to get the full picture.
The eveo5 manuals also cover some evo4 stuff as well. The 6 manual is available on cd-rom and is
around £40, but the 5 manuals are in printed form only and are in excess of £100.
They do ,however, pay for themselves when you do your own routine servicing.

Mr Mime
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