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have a T78 available. Long story cut short here. The turbo is awaiting a rebuild, i have a quote for a shade over £350 to be done from Turbo Dynamics.

List of work needed.
New Compressor wheel £103.26+VAT
Re-profile to Compressor Cover including cutting feed pipe and re-welding £130+VAT
Overhaul Kit inc Bearings, bush, collar, seals and nuts - cost to be confirmed, (about £50)
Labour for overhaul, rebuild and balancing - £165+VAT.

Unfortunately warranty is non transferable with them, so seems pointless me doing it to sell on, would be best for the new owner to have the work done themselves and receive that warranty rather than me getting it done to try and sell without. The unit is with them waiting for work to be done.

Looking for £200 for the unit, this means for under £600 you can have a freshly rebuilt and balanced T78 with 12 months warranty.

Please ask if i can help further or i can give you the name and number of the guy at Turbo Dynamics.
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