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T7 Tly

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Anyone bought this car? Silver EVO 7.

Mine until last month and dealer promised me the plate when I part exchanged. However he sold it on b4 it was taken off :mad: . If anyone on here has bought it I would really like it back. I have some std parts from the car still in my garage that I would be happy to give to you in return and pay for the transfer.

Dealers :blah:

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Apparently the new owner of the car is a policeman. Ring any bells with anyone?
Anyone? Not getting anywhere with DVLA.
Dealer (Arthur Daley type) is now saying he's lost the contact details of the guy.

Basically I've been stitched and have nothing in writing to say he agreed to return my plate. Its not worth a lot but thats not the point.

What I should have done is to transfer prior to sale. All I thought I needed was the V5 which I *did* keep to do the transfer. What you also need (which I didn't know) is tax and MOT which went with the car. So its basically bye bye unless I can find the new owner.

New owner is a policeman from the midlands. I just hope he's got internet access as he'll soon find the register.

fingers crossed :cry:
Thanks, Pete

I am still waiting for a response from the good people of the DVLA.
I might be waiting for a while going on past experience :-(
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