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I just got my EVO VII GSR, could anyone give me advise on shock absorber/spring kits and suspension set up modifications?
We have HKS and Cusco kits immediately available in Hong Kong and I used to have DMS in my EVO II before.

What are your thoughts please?
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Curious to know how much the kits are in HKG? I fly for Dragonair and often visit Honkers!
DMS have EVO 7 kits now, and DMS are very good.
Blade is not joking! A set of 50mm DMS will be finding their way on my 7 after Xmas.....
What's Santa bring you Blade??!!

Santa is getting me a new plated LSD for the front, a new turbo (hello 450bhp|PLS|), new injectors, carbon bonnet, carbon boot, new low ratio gear box, carbon aerofoil with gurney, rear brake ducts, new bigger front brake ducts, full motorsport stack dash with datalogging, track mapping and lap timing, oh and hopefully some Carbon race seats :D :D :D

Do you think I am being greedy???? :D :D
You must have one hell of a big chimney blade!!! :D

You must have been a very good boy. Any truth to the rumour that Santa is going to borrow your car so as to get his round done quicker. :D
Yes, it is true that we have been negotiating, Santa fedup with the 1/4 mile pace of the Reindeer. Rudolph and his mates were picketing outside my door in protest - they were truly unhappy about it. I did explain to them that 2bar of boost far outweighs the pace added by an additional reindeer, but they wouldn't accept that, particularly as Rudolph is a scooby owner :D

The deal fell through as Santa had trouble fitting his arse into the driver's seat - yes, he is even fatter than I am - and didn't like the extra carbon bits on the car, as it ruined the white as snow camoflauge effect that he needed in lapland. Also the full roll cage meant no room for presents :D :D

Suspect I will get an extra special present from Rudolph this year (a PILE of them)!!
Nice to hear from you lot.

No, mine is bog standard except for some braided brake hoses. I keep my Megabusa and Lotus ELise with a DVA conversion at the circuit now and would like to keep the engine standard for me EVO 7 for the time being.

I am looking for suspension mods first. My Evo 2 used to have DMS kit and it was good except for one damper which made a billiard ball knocking sound.

Tell me about the DMS as they come in different diameters and independent bump and rebound adjustments.

Merry Chirstmas.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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