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Some other questions for the oz superleggera in 18 inches.

I've been told that the 18 inches superleggera fits the evo v and vi, but as it's made for the evo vii, you have to use some 3mm spacers to avoid them to touch the brake calipers.

Someone said that at high speed that kind of fitting can make some vibrations and it's not recommended for hard driving.
But rc developments have the superleggera fitted on the evo vi.

Anyone have them fitted and can tell me if everything is ok or not, and what material and brand of spacers shoud be used?
Are they made of alloy or steel?

Thank you for your help

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These spacers (if required) cud b made by any competant machine shop , I wud advise hard anodised dural (dural is hard aluminium).

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I enquired about these wheels at New Age Motorsports and was told the following:

The cost of the wheels, including AVS 225/40/18s, balancing etc is £1179.00gbp.

For you information, the Superleggeras for your car require a 3mm shim
at the front to clear brakes. Quite why there is not a proper solution I'm not clear.

This may have the disadvantage of inducing slight wheel vibration.

I would just like to make this clear to you - this information was provided by OZ Racing UK.

And then

Firstly, after speaking to OZ, we can't recommend the Superlegerras on yours for use on trackdays.

There is only a slim chance that something could happen, but a slim chance is still not acceptable.

Apparently the reason behind this is these wheels are to be used on the EVO7 Zero Fighter/Extreme 2 - as such the current batch purposely do not fit correctly.

I have prices for 2 other wheels incase you are interested.

8 x 18 Speedline GT1 @ £152.00 per wheel
8 x 18 BBS Challenge @ £232.00 per wheel.
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