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Sun 21st Jan, Pub meet, Sussex

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Due to light demand, I have organised a Pub meet in Poundgate, Sussex on Sunday 21st Jan. Obviously everyone is welcome :) even Lee5 =Op

The Pub is called the Crow and Gate, which is near Crowborough and on the A26 road.


Meet from Midday, food is served all afternoon, Kids on a lead, no Dogs.


There is no table booked for us all but they are pretty good with the service, the food is good too.

All MLR members welcome, prosepective members also.

Hope to see you there. Please be aware that the roads around the area are usually a little greasy at this time of year.


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Hi Dylan - if I get my exhaust and fuel pump done this weekend I would be up for coming to this one.
Lee5 said:
This is a joint meet, bit of competiton between Dylan and myself to see who can get the most members to turn up so come on you south east lot dont let me down ;)

Dylan has told me if I get the most members he will buy me dinner ;) :D
(McCoys are good enough for me)

Lee I am from Surrey so who gets my vote? :crackup:
Sounds go to me Mike :crackup:
DA-EVO said:
Jonrs2, If you turn up, I get the vote, if you don't, Lee5 gets one deducted. Sounds fair to me.
If you were refering to the Wellington Country Park meet last year that was an unforseen family mater else I would have been there.

These things are sent to try us :crackup:

Things are looking up for the younge boy with the brain tumour - thank f**k
DA-EVO said:

I wasn't referring to that at all, but do still remember the reasons - glad things are looking better for him.

I am merely trying to avert the true disaster of me having to buy Lee5 a bag of crisps with my own money.
Cheers Dylan no offense intended it was just a badly worded reply on my behalf Sorry.
Is this just a meet or is there a drive planned aswell?
DA-EVO said:
Lunch, mostly. Spect there will be a few convoys on the way.
Cheers mate I only wanted to check to see if I needed to remove any excess weight from my car for the usual thrash that the leisurely drives turn into :crackup:
Nice meet Dylan thanks and sorry I was a bit late - better late than never :crackup:

It was good to meet a few new people.

And get to see one beast of an Evo 6 - nice one Kev - made the 6 RS I sold look a bit sluggish with only 350 bhp :crackup:
571 atw :coolsm:
Good pictures on there guys :smthumbup
mike & jane said:
Yea there are , sorry we didn't get to speak jon :eek: :blush: but will do soon ;) :coolsm: .

No problem - my fault for turning up late was gone 2 before I got there :blush:
mike & jane said:
Yea mate a very close second ;) :D but who come third :eek: :confused: :crackup:

I must have come last - getting there at 2pm :crackup:
:smthumbup Mike
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