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Sun 21st Jan, Pub meet, Sussex

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Due to light demand, I have organised a Pub meet in Poundgate, Sussex on Sunday 21st Jan. Obviously everyone is welcome :) even Lee5 =Op

The Pub is called the Crow and Gate, which is near Crowborough and on the A26 road.


Meet from Midday, food is served all afternoon, Kids on a lead, no Dogs.


There is no table booked for us all but they are pretty good with the service, the food is good too.

All MLR members welcome, prosepective members also.

Hope to see you there. Please be aware that the roads around the area are usually a little greasy at this time of year.


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mike & jane said:
Debby5 said:
You can count me in with Brad on a lead. :crackup:

We don't want to know what goes on in your personal lives :eek: :crackup: ;) :utahere:

Nothing like that Mike, just you know who wears the trousers :crackup: :spank: :utahere:
Lee5 said:
I will be leaving at about 12.30 tomorrow from my house so anyone who wants to meet then see you at my place :D

See you all tmrw

Make that another 2 tea's. :D
1 - 2 of 84 Posts
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