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150mph at 3 am in the morning sounds fare enough when visibility is clear with a clear road 1 mile in front (on a duel carriageway / 3 lane motorway)

the guy in your local stumbled did he ? was he ****ed?? bet he was so it serves him right !!! i'd rather see some **** kick the crap out of some **** head than some old dear kill a biker !!

doing 150mph at 7.30 in the morning aint too good if it's a monday leading to rush hour this guy deserves all he got cause he was a **** for stopping !

if any one thinks thier good enough to control a bike @150mph when some thing bad happens (blow out or worse) then they shouldn't be on the road !! they should be racing for honda , suzuki or what ever!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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