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Must have £200 entrance fee..

Be available on a Saturday night at short notice..

1/4 mile race..

Anything goes, NOS, heavy Mods etc..

Will be around the area where there is most intrest..

Time and place will be arrange shortly before the race..

Winner takes all..

Can bring freinds along in there cars too, but hush hush..

Dont worrie about busy streets or police, its all sorted!

Must be willing to put up money, and eather win lots back, or lose it all...( All part of the fun)

Any damage done to cars, is at owners risk..

Hands up, who wonts in? Already have about 12 people intrested in taking this hobbie up! :))

Any fit girlies wont to come down are welcome!!!

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Delete this topic, was my little brother messing about on my computer today, lol.. Intresting idea though, wonder where he got it from? :))
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