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hi guys i am the proud new owner of an evo 5, anyway driving arrond corners at above slow speeds my car makes a wierd scraping noise! any suggestion? please tell me i havent bought a liability!

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congrats on your purchase
i too have an evo 5 and have had 4 two weeks
i also have a noise at low speed when cornering right i thoght it was an outer cv so i changed it it wasnt
i put car in the air and checked everything for play and all seemed ok but the bolt that holds bottom arm to chassis was tightened some half a turn
anyway on way back from workshop it didnt make noise and i really did try and make car do it
not gonna say its solved cuz iam not convinced anyway ill let u know
if anyone has any ideas let me know please
bottom ball joint and all suspension joints seem ok as do antiroll bar
shock seems ok and doesnt appear to have any notchy movement at top when wheel turns which may have suggested top mount , bearing
anyway feed back would be very greatful

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Hi there new owners!,

I believe that the noise you are hearing is the AYC.
It is not serious, all you need to do is to change
your AYC fluid and this should solve your problem.
you might still hear the same noise at first, but
the noise will fade.
The AYC fluid needs to be changed 4000 mile service
to prevent this from re-occurring.

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Perhaps two different problems.

First sounds like the AYC system.

The second reminds me that I am on my third set of top mounts. They are very weak. The bearing that carries the weight of teh car looks like it belongs at the end of an alternator!

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If it is your AYC, I'd treat it very seriously. A new replacement
diff is circa £3k.
Change your AYC fluid, and have the hydraulics bled. If the noise goes away and then returns, try disconnecting the AYC fusible link,the diff should then act as a normal lsd ( AYC fluid still needs to be changed though).
If the disconnecting procedure makes the noise go away , you may be part of the dreaded AYC recall, which affects some 4's and 5's GSRs with AYC diffs.
Read all AYC threads on this forum and Coordsport forum (under transmission).
Check your chassis number and send it in to the Colt Car Company to find out if it is part of the recall, they may be able to get you a correctly programmed AYC ECU, but some other people havent had much luck.

If your diff does go bang, better to replace it with a normal lsd as per the RS model , the cost of this is significantly less. I believe the Cusco
replacement is around £1k, still not good but better than 3k.
The maintainence of the rs diff is less frequent also at 24,000 mile drainage intervals.

-Mr Mime

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i spoke to my dealer about the noise and he says its just cause its been sitting in the showroom for a while and should go after about 100 miles! is he just bull shitting?

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I think you need to hunt down where the noise is coming from and then we can help you a bit more.
Is it coming from the front or rear? Low down or higher up? (get someone to listen from outside if it happens at low speed)
Does it happen all the time?
Whats the steering input to cause it? (left, right or both. Full lock, particle lock?)
Whats the noise like? (bit difficult this one but does it sound like a metallic scrapping or more rubbery?)

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I had an Evo 5 which exhibited same problem.

It turned out to be front strut

When the car was jacked up oil flowed past the internal valves and stopped the clunking noise, but it always came back.

New strut fixed the problem though, and was done under warranty from the dealer who sold the car to me.

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Changing the strut repositions the top mount and can temporarily eliminate the noise. Try changing the mount first. Believe me I've been there!

I replaced my struts with a DMS set and the noise stayed. Installed a set of new mounts and it vanished.
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