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Who's going to be the first to post there figures then? As Dave says, 2500 - 7000rpm should be the best animal to measure. I'll give it a go soon in my E4. Probably won't post first though just in case they're embarrassingly slow border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.


I'm sure those figures are impressive, but I get confused adding 2 |PLS| 2 on a calculator! :D

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There is one question that comes to my mind:

How accurate are the rev instruments ?

I am asking this because the indication I was getting from my revs meter when on
rev limiter) of my E6TME was around 7800-7850 (although I heard that the actual
figure is at 7500)

(reving to the 7K RPM with 4th and 5th doesn't brake the speed limit :)) )


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hi andrew

that is very impressive i :D fueling looks spot on for 10%|PLS| at the top end so it is nice a safe, injectors wide open, is that with the pump rewired?

gearing will make a difference if it is based on revs but how about basing it on speed? like 30-100mph kind of thing through the gears? if you assume that the car will do 0-30in under 2 secs the 30-100 should be very indective of the 0-100 times with out putting too much strain on the clutch. maybe to runs should be done one on both directions and an average taken.

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