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stereo harness problem

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does anyone know where i can get a wire harness for a evo 3 to match a sony head unit? having some right problems, as all wires are cut an no adapter on it! also how do i find out which wire is which? could someone help me please iv spent the last few hours searching the net for a diagram or anything. HELP!!!!

msn addy is [email protected] if anyone has any info on this

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If someone has been there and cut-off the loom connectors and all you've got is wires - sounds like that's what you're saying, you may as well connect an ISO plug to these flying leads (ISO plug to flying leads can be bought at Halfords) and that'll then connect to pretty much any modern Headunit, including Sony's, my experience of Sony's is they have an ISO socket on the back of the HU. Connect the flying leads with crimp connectors or for a more professional approach solder and use a heatshrink sleeve on each.

The wire colours on the loom may follow the standard scheme, they may not - that I don't know, they're relatively easy to buzz out with a multi-meter basically you're looking 12v on all the time, 12v on when igntion on, at least one earth - i.e. short to vehicle, the antenna which should be coax, and 4 pairs of speaker wires which are usually striped. I've got the colours for a VII (who knows if that's the same as a III?), I'm trying to find a diagram for the standard scheme for ISO connector as well. It wouldn't be too difficult to work it through though.

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right after long hard searching and trial and error we have finally (well we think) hard wired the sterio properly. but we think we may have blown a fuse? so could anyone tell me which fuse is which and in which fuse box? if only i could read japanese!

(code on black fuse box is MR 183259)
also if anyone wants to know the stereo wire colours i will be happy to pass them on
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