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On my evo v I have a strange noise/vibration when I take a right curve under hard acceleration in 2nd or 3rd gear.

It sounds like a damaged wheel bearing(on the left front)or something like that,but the wheel bearing seems to be ok as everything on the suspension assembly.

On a left curve no problem at all,as well as on a right curv if not under acceleration.

Any idea?

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do you get it at average turning speeds hard lock?
I know when my AYC oil needs changing by a rubbing /grating sound on right lock.This never happens on a left lock ,weird.
Just had my car serviced and has now gone .Always seems to happen when car due for a service.Quite a bit of fast road use can bring it on prematurely.


Paul s

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It happens on full throttle right curves when the front wheels are using all the possible motricity!
I don't have the ayc,my evo is a rs. I had my differential oil changed already.
It seems to be the left wheel that has vibrations,I thougt at the shaft,but I have no idea.

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I have (or had) a noise that sounds like it was the same but on left hand turns only.
Garage suggested it was something to do with a seal in the damper allowing it to go dry after some time.
This is cured when the car is jacked up (ie for a service) and the suspension fully drops and allows the oil to drain back into the reservoir.
I don't remember the full details but can confirm it goes away if you jack the car up.

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