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Not really having taken an interest in maint of my Evo until recently (usually trust the dealer :( ) I've decided to take more of an interest and actually lifted the bonnet today to fit a new set of sparks.

On removing them the tips were intact, showing very little wear, with a slight white residue on all four at the electrode. Three of them had noticable heat marks on the ceramic upper of the plug. looking at the bay, left to right only plug two did not have this burnt ring about one third up the plug.

Is this normal. God knows how long they have been in the car as I usually just pay and go, not really paying attention to the invoice, apart from the cost and the ever present washer bottle top up charge.

Something else I noticed was a green powdery residue sitting on top of the radiator exp tank. Is this normal, or is this a sign of something?

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