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Standard oil cooler dimensions?

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Anyone know what they are off the top of thier head for a 5/6?

Including the number of rows would be superb!

Whilst we are on the subject, does anyone know what the biggest cooler you can fit in without having to hack the front of the car to pieces is?

Thanks :)
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Ah - thanks!

The Mocal 235mm was the one I was looking at - can you fit anything bigger than a 25 row one in? (not even sure if i would need to yet though).

How is it fitted? have you in effect tipped it on its side so the inlet & outlet are on a side rather than the top?

Oh & can i be a pain & pick your brains on how its fitted?

The options are: Female, 5/8BSP Male, 3/4BSP Male, 1"BSP Male, 1/2BSP Male, 10JIC Male, 12JIC Male, 16JIC Male, -6JIC Male & -8JIC Male

I presume they are all relevant to the type of connectors for the hoses, but I have no idea what I need! Lol
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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