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Standard FQ 400 vs Modded cars ?!?! wtf

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after reading through this post / argument

seems to have obviously hit some nerves with a few ppl but surely this is a bit crazy ? trying to compare a modified car against stock & standard cars.

I had a budget of £30k and went for a modified 8 (with 12 months warranty) from ND - that was my choice and I still think thats the right one even after a few minor problems vs a standard FQ400

You can get problems with any car, new or old - depends on how vigilant you are regarding day to day checks and maintenance, plus how you drive it a lot of it is common sense (dont thrash it cold, allow cooling down time, service when due, check oil levels etc etc)

Lets face it lads, these are not standard family saloons we are driving here not matter how much we try to convince the missus (apologies to any female members) and you have to have some knowledge about turbos and suchlike as I am finding out.

Even though the FQ400 is technically a newer version (and Im sure superior to all the other standard cars) you cant really compare to a modified car. We modify things with better parts - not mediocre or worse, thats the whole point, plus depreciation is the same either way, on your mods OR on a new car drop.

Lets keep things in perspective and look at apples for apples and come on just get along guys and stop all the my car is better than your car, thats what track days are for to resolve those issues ;)

Feel the love!

Peace out :coolsm:
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Agreed it does seem odd that everyone's really getting worked up with eachother in the other thread.

From what I've seen, most knowledgeable owners given an ultimate limit of £35K and told to buy and mod an Evo to replace their own would not buy an FQ 400.

BUT it all boils down to personal choice, some would want the prestige of the badge and other positive sides to the FQ 400, some want maximum power and performance for money.

At the end of the day it's like arguing over which colour car is best (black with carbon in case you were wondering! :crackup: ).
Fq360, faster all round, better looking and a newer model.
I appriciate any EVO, each to there own but every FQ400 owner i've listened to on here just seems to gloat how much money they have and thats why its better......... stuck up TW*TS. Saying that there are a lot of people on here who have spent far more on say a FQ300 and got 500+ bhp with no problems and many more stroker project are also under way. I do appriciate the FQ400's i do also think they are going to be a classic in there own right..... But if it was my decision again i'd still mod up a MR and have a 400BHP beast with out the LAG.......

All just my opinion.
I saw lag mentioned a couple of times on the previous post, is this so bad in the 400's ? I get 0.5 bar by 3500 rpm in 3rd but mines a 2.3 with a T30/40 turbo. by 4.5-5k its pretty much on full

what are the 400s like then ?

technically tho if you drive them correctly lag shouldnt be much of a problem tho :) but I dont wanna start another toe/heel and left foot braking argument !
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