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Joined in on a RR day with the GT4OC at John Noble Motorsport yesterday and the suprising result
is that I got a result of 301bhp and 277lb/ft of torque. Whats surprised me is that my E7 is standard.

There was a P1 there too with HKS super power flow, HKS racing suction kit, HKS BOV and a whopping big exhaust(can't remember the make border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >) I figured this would be above 300bhp but only made 285bhp!

So is Mitsubishi understating the figures or is the RR a bit optimistic?

BTW the most powerful car on the day was a corolla, OK so it was the Fensport demonstrator, had over 400bhp or at least it showed
almost that much before the rollers were smoking(literally).

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I can't say I'm that suprised.
The cars are only declared at 276bhp by a 'Gentlemans' agreement between the manufacturers in Japan.
I have read from several different sources that a healthy 7 and Skyline GTR's unoficialy make around 300bhp in standard trim.
In fact the Skyline had to be detuned to come in at this figure.
Usually its the Japan home market version that will be more powerfull than the UK one but in the case of the Supra it was the other way round.

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But what about the P1 with 'only' 285 after those mods. I wonder what it really had before the mods.

What kind of power would similar mods do to an EVO?

I read somewhere that with some mods a car will gain power up top but loose power/torque low down the rev range.
Easiest way to get some of the loses back would be I guess electronically - boost controller or remapped ECU.
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