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I'm just doing my homework and the search feature won't work for whatever reason on my laptop I keep getting a weird error message.

I'm just purchasing an Evo9 FQ320, looking at tuning and I don't want to go wild. Looking at stage 2, so around 360bhp and associated torque.

My concerns are gearbox strength which I've seen mentioned few times, and if there is a figure at which the standard clutch becomes unreliable or starts slipping, I expect the car has a standard clutch as there's no invoice for a replacement in the history (although at 78k I'd expect it should have had one), I've read the buyers guides and other bits available and see that the clutch is described as "sacrificial" as part of the 4wd system.

I understand the extra stress/strain on the running gear so don't want to go wild for power and be landed for a huge bill for diff rebuilds etc, so happy to take advice on what "sensible" power is for the std running gear.:smthumbup

I am new here so please go easy if anything I've said is daft or answered elsewhere it'd be great to know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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