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Hi everyone!
I've just fit a cat.replacement pipe and a turbo back pipe on my EVO V.
The cat.back pipe and muffler were already fitted on the car when i bougth it.(the full system is a supersprint stainless steel 70mm pipe)
I think that the best compromise still the cat.back system,since I've fitted
the turbo pipe and cat.replacement pipe the torque feels a bit lower and at about 400rpm higher,and the max power is maybe a few bhp better but also 500rpm
higher(6950rpm).The kick of the turbo at 3500rpm is less sensityve,I guess that
A full system is better if the car is really modifyed.
But the real problem is that when the engine is really warm and you push it really hard,the exhaust starts to vibrate and making noise as if it was not fitted correctly,but I ve checked many times and nothing touches under the car.
When you drive normally,no problem at all.
Does anyone have an idea about this?
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