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Stainless 131 complete fixing kit?

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Do you sell the kit that replace every bolt underbonnet with a shiny stainless item !

Each Pack comes with each individual application labeled on a spread sheet and then cross referenced to the bolts required in their own little package ,

Full engine bay consists of.......................

Stainless bolts to replace ......... (avaliable socket caphead or domeheaded bolts)

Radiator Top Mounts
Exh top heat shield
Coil cover
Cam cover to head
Ign coil to cam cover
Egr pipe to manifold
Wiring harness to cam cover
Upper belt timing cover
Upper belt timing cover
PAS Pump top bracket & heat shield
Accelerator cable mount
Thermostat housing
Egr pipe to Egr valve
Egr valve to Egr valve bracket
Lifting Eye
Bonnet stay to O/S inner wing
Front bonnet slam panel inner trim
Inlet MFD earth strap
Wiper motor to bulkhead
Relays behind N/S front turret
Air intake to N/S inner wing
Fuse box to N/S inner wing
PAS Reservoir to O/S inner wing
Expansion tank mount
Air Con pipe fixings
Air Con dryer clamp
Relay Box O/S inner wing
Earth strap O/S inner wing
Air Con dryer bracket mounts
Injector resistor mounting bracket
Fuel Pressure regulator to fuel rail
Fuel Rail to manifold
Carbon canister to N/S inner wing
Throttle body to inlet manifold
Fuel Pipe feed to fuel rail
Front bonnet clamp bracket
Dump Valve vacuum pipe bracket
ABS pump bracket
Lower Air Con pipe to O/S inner wing
Cam position sensor plate
Cam position earth strap
Cam position to cyl head
Wiper wiring to bulkhead mount
Clutch hose bracket to bulkhead
Egr mounting bracket to cyl head
Injector resistor bracket relay
Phase sensor mount
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I dont mate im sorry !

Not sure who does :)

TSL Motosport sell them on Ebay! about £55 iirc
I never knew that , lol
You learn something "new" everyday. :crackup:
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