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What gains should i expect E6
Stage one ecu in hand... manifold 4/2 just have to pick it up ..:) also do i up grade fuel pump ????..has anybody gone this way comments please
Engine mods so far..
Hayward / scott down pipe ..
Full decat system hks tbbox..
Hks super racing suction kit..
hks sq...
boost running @ 1.0 ...1.3 i think..:)

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Difficult to say in all honesty. I don't think you'll find the manifold will make much difference at all. I've got a lot more mods on my car and two separate tuners have said it won't make much difference unless you uprate the turbo etc. But it will look better! :D
Personally I wouldn't bother, but if you've already got it, fit it.
What do you mean by stage 1 ecu? Has it been remapped or have you got fuel controllers?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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