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Has anyone done the stage 3 upgrade from Co-Ord?

I am really looking at the info for the Sports ECU and high output boost valve.

The exhaust and induction seem pretty straight forward and I'm not looking at lowering the car, but what gives with these other two parts?

Are they something that I or SGT can bolt on or will it require a trip to Ralliart?

Has anyone put these parts on and what improvement was seen. Also were there any drawbacks? (I have already seen comments on full exhaust systems causing a loss in low down power).

I know that increasing the boost pressure can be dangerous, but if this kit is (as it says) is the same as a UK RS Sprint, then is there any danger? Also would they sell a kit which comprised of an upgrade which could damage your engine? Surely if the boost was being increased that much they'd include a device to cap it?

Trying to find the info on this sort of thing is impossible, so I'll leave it to you!!



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I have recently gone for the stage 3 upgrade.
I got Kwik Fit to put the exhaust on.
I fitted the ECU and boost valve myself.
They are very straight forward to fit.
I lowered my car but keep catching the spoilers!
I had it tested on the rolling road and its putting out 372 BHP now !
Bloody fast and scary.
Your right engine damage is not even considered a problem as the full kit is available from RallyArt.
Watch out for the mats though!
By the way is that Naunton from Henley ?
Have you got a Blue Evo?
I aslo add an octane booster to my super unleaded petrol just in case.
Happy Evoing!

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Well, well, well. Who is this EvoKenevo?

Forgive me for not recognising you, but when you've got that sort of power, you're bound to be more of a blur!!

So would you own a silver 6 that was tight on my bumper the other day?

I've ordered the exhaust and induction kit, but ended up leaving off the ECU and boost valve as I thought I was getting into the rocket science area.

By the way what's with the mats?

If you're local, drop me a line. I'm always around Henley and would take your stage 3 experience and seriously consider getting that purchase order out before year end (its amazing how my motoring expenses have increased since getting this car!!)



email : [email protected]

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372BHP Bloody Hell ! What's the Torque figure.

What boost is the engine running ?

What other mods have you put on ?

Soooo many questions .....

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Sounds like paranoyer is sinking in, Silver EVO on your bumber? Time to get out the kitchen foil!
The only probs I have at the moment are traction but wider tyres will do the trick!
I'll gladly take you for a spin in the EVO and discuss the stage 3 upgrade including ECU and booster valve fitting!
I work close by in a certain dealership SGT!
Whats with the Peugeout ?

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Oh my God!!

This is getting a bit scary, I've never had a stalker before!! - I'm not going to get home and find my bunny in a saucepan, am I?

I've never taken my Pug to SGT and I've never told them I live in Henley, so do tell...

WHO ARE YOU and how do you know so much about me?

You've obviously not mastered your email system as I am still waiting, but that's fine. You're attracting some interest from fellow Evo Owners. (Some of whom seem to want you to substantiate your power claims).

So which rolling road/coaster were you on - did you have a tail wind?

Later you loon


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Q1: Which rolling road gave you that figure?
Q2: What does the Stage 3 conversion entail?
Q3: Have you gone internal yet?

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You should be so lucky as to have a stalker!
I used the rolling road at Chicanes in Buckingham.
Are you saying that you think it is impossible to add 72 bhp to a 300hp engine ? You know the exhaust and air filter alone can add 40bhp!
You can take a Skyline up to 600bhp ( although thats not a 2 litre engine).
As for the rabbit Whats up DOC ?
And CHUCK..... you better check the cams on your car it, sounds like a diesel! (runs like one too!)
Do you ever feel like the roof is caving in on you ?

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The return of EvoKenevo?

I'm soooo sorry, did I give the impression that I doubted you? - I didn't mean that at all. All I was saying was that nobody who I know would spend all that dosh on an upgrade and then hide away!!

Still not tried the email address above either have you? - I don't doubt that and extra 72BHP is obtainable from an Evo, but NOT from your Astra van. Next you'll be telling me that it IS an Evo, but it's got an AstraMax shell on it!! - Was that part of the Stage 3 upgrade as well?

There's noffin' wrong with those cams, it's just all this talk of Ron levels etc I thought I try the diesel - maybe that's why it sounded funny?

As for the roof caving in, well yes sometimes, but when I open the sunroof it's not so bad!!



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Hello Naunt

Are you going to Cadwell? if you are then you should speak to Mark Shead of M.A.Developments as he is just starting variuos conversions for the Evo VI, you will find out some good info.

Regards Kevin

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Well, Well,Well.
So you think I drive an Astra van then ?
Well it could be worse you may of thought I drove a scooby!
So I have heard you are leaving the EVO scene and going for the new Jag ????
You still wont beat my stage 3 upgrade!
You do RON RON, Yeahh!
You do RON RON!

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Come on EVOKenny why are you selling all this kit on the for sale ?? (Subtitle and amp;gt; and amp;gt; and amp;gt; Breaking ???)
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