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been looking on here

i know marks one of the best heard lot of good things about him.

"Stage 1 - consists of Autronic ECU completely programmed by M.A.Developments for vastly increased driveability, power and torque. Parts used: ECU; Air Temp Sensor; MAP sensor; fuel pressure regulator; and Air Flow Meter removed. Other parts needed: Upgraded fuel pump; and free flowing exhaust.

The basis of this conversion was mapped and developed on an engine dyno, then individually tailored for each car on the road - NOT on a rolling road which M.A.Developments along with several other tuners feel is not a true enough representation of a real road to properly monitor and modify the vehicle. While on the road, detonation checking equipment and exhaust gas monitoring equipment are used at all times to take the vehicle to its optimum performance while remaining in the engines safety zone."

i emailed him for a price and got this..
"Cost for stage 1 Autronic Ecu fitted and mapped £1495, Fuel pump £250, fuel reg £165, afm pipe £45, all plus vat.
so me thinks ill get saving(got loan car repairs and petrol to) so might take a while.

rekon its worth it?

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sounds like a good deal, but you should ask yourself ..
'why you think you need it ...
what you're going to do with the car e.g. trackdays, sprints etc...'

MAD are certainly one of the best tuners etc etc
but IMHO, also consider other possibilities ....
e.g. the 'EcuTek' / Ralliart ECU etc ....which cost less but give good results as borne out by users on here

however, if you've got a plan to modify the engine/brakes/suspension etc, in the future as well...then probably a good starting point...

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stage 1

iv"e got my tommy booked in with m.a developements for a stage 1 (just waiting for the exaust to turn up ),and cant wait. Just have a chat with him and yourl realise your car is in safe hands. "autronics all the way,wonce you start you just cant stop"(so iv"e heard)
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