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ok, my car is oficially possessed .:wallbang:

first, the wipers would turn on by themselves.. then the water sprinkler started working on its own... then the high beams turned on by themselves... and finally I get a SRS warning light...

right now, I can not turn the wipers off.. and SRS is lit...
it happens when the car is in the rain, and started happening after the car came back from some bodywork which included the new right wing, and bumper + wheel arch liner... so I am suspecting water ingression in the loom in the top of the right wheel arch...

any suggestions?



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to answer my own question...

it was the connector in the left kick panel.. was totally wet, and corroded... seems to be a common fault on LHD evos.. have to clean it and see the damage..
I also got some funny problems om my LHD E7 without any solution. My car stop if i turn headlights off. When i get the lights on, the damn lights will not go off. Side markers work only now and then. Alarm go off now on then. Come to think off it.. i actually think problems are peaking after every time i wash the car. I will test this tomorrow. If this does the trick i love you :smthumbup

Best regards

Edit: Problem was with a wire in one of the plugs in same spot. One pin was burned off after bad connection
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