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A couple of months ago (approx 2700 miles) I had new discs and pads fitted. My local Mitsi garage quoted £980 for this, so I read some posts here and went to my friendly local garage and they could source all the parts and fit them for around £650. So I went ahead with the purchase.

Once I collected the car I travelled 20 miles (carefully) and the brakes started squeeling very loudly. I phoned the garage and they said just bed them in and the noise will go away. Day2 still the same. Day 3 still the same. Day 4, took the car back and told them that the noise was unacceptable. They said OK, and mentioned that they had fitted Mintex competition pads and obviously they were not fully compatible. So, off they came and on went the normal Evo 6 pads. Drove off (easy braking) still sqeeled, but not as badly. So I have put up with this until last week. I bumped into an old friend who now works for a rally team who rally Evo 6's. I mentioned the squeel to him and he said pop down and we will sort them out for you. So, 2 days ago I visited them and they looked at my brakes and said they were heavily glazed over. 1 hour later they had stipped my wheels off, de-glazed the discs and pads and said take it easy for 50 miles. Sooo, 40-50 miles later I'm getting slight squeeling, a further 50 miles later I'm getting loud squeeling on and off. I I drive the car real hard and brake heavy, no noise. If I drive slowly (ie around town) I get the bloody annoying squeel. (and people look at you thinking your car must be a bit duff).

Please, someone help me. Do I have to put up with this full stop until I change the pads next time round?
Before I had the discs de-glazed I found that pressure washing the discs and adding lots of wonder-wheels to the discs made them much better for the first 30-40 miles or so.



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Correct installation of brake pads require a special high temp grease to be applied to the caliper piston tops , back and edges of the pads and also that the calipers are completely cleaned before fitting the new pads.
Do not pressure wash yr brakes or apply wheel cleaning solutions in enuf quantity to soak the brakes , this will remove the special grease and damage brake parts.
The reason this stops the noise for a brief time is because it cleans out the accumulated dust.
U will sometimes get slight sqealing in town , but it shouldn't be loud or prevalent IF the brakes are installed correctly.
Actually I've just done mine using Brembo parts for for £435 , no squeal

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I assume that included discs and not just the pads!

I fitted the Dragon Brake kit which uses the Mintex pads and they squealed under light loads for about 600 miles. They are now quiet, still a small high pitch squeal occansionally but not really noticeable. Bedding in new discs and pads should be done carefully or you can end up damaging them. The general idea is to start off with gentle braking and gradually build up to normal braking over about 150/200 miles. Once completed then the pads need to be 'cured' which basically means putting enough heat into them to get the pad material working effiently. Accelerate to 40mph and brake hard to almost a standstill and repeat about 10 times in a row. Leave enough time for the discs to cool off slightly between applications though (30 seconds is fine). This 'curing' will also help to de-glaze the pads especially if you have cross drilled or grooved discs.

If you still get squealing then you can get a set of anti-squeal shims from Co-ordsport for £30 which hopefully will cure it but I don't know anyone who has tried them yet. Anyway the squealing makes it sound like a proper rally car

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Did they fit the standard anti squeal shields with the brake pads?
When you buy new pads from brembo they should be delivered toghether with some special grease and new anti squel shields.

If you fit different pads you can keep and use the old brembo shields.
There is a black anti squeal shield that is sticked to the rear of the pad,an another metal thin one fitted behind the pad.
You should have these two fitted with some special grease behind the brake pad,where it's pushed by the caliper pistons,and off course everything should be cleaned before.

Another thing that help is to have the right and left edges of the brake pad maderial slightly machined to take off the direct edges,the standard ones are already like this(maybe the rear ones,I don't know).

If you do all this your brakes should stop squealing loud.

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Yes , disc's and pads.

Cleaning the calipers may appear to be obvious , but many garages don't really bother.

Something I ommitted btw , the Brembo calipers have removable thrust plates for the pad edges , if these are worn or corroded sqeal cud result.

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mintex 1155 pads squeel like mad at low speed .I have now 1144 pads in bedded in gently and no squeel at all.
At braking from 130 to 70mph hard, it gets a bit rumbley .
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