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Probably a stupid question - but here goes :D

What is the best way to reduce the amount the car squats down on the rear suspension (and front lifting) when accelerating hard in my E3??

Currently it is stock - suspension wise- and would like to keep the height, and firmness - but was wondering if I could reduce this squatting thing.....

Any ideas??

Cheers All

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You need....
Anti-lift geometry on the front, to prevent the weigth transfering off the front so much. You get advantages. The weigth is transferred to the rear causing it to squat, and the front doesn;t go light causing a loss of traction.

You can get this via altering the bush where the rear of the bottom wishbone mounts to the body, altering the angle of the wishbone in relation to the body and generating anti-lift geometry.
You can't buy any bushes that do this. You can if you have a 1.8T lancer or a scoob :(.
I've been talking to Whiteline in Australia about getting some made to fir the Evo's and are having slow success (thanks to some Evo owners in Aus. I don;t know when they will be avialable, but as soon as they are I will et everyone know.

Don't be tempted to fit stiffer springs or something, as all you are doing is creating a stronger opposing force, the weight is still transferred. With stiff springs on the rear you would simply make the squatting not appear visiually but the rear would still get the majority of the cars weight and the front would still lift.

Another symptom of this geometry problem is accelerating hard out of a corner, the front goes light, the rear gets lots of traction and you end up with th car pushing. Off course, with the Evo you can give it more power, overload the rear tyres and generate oversteer but thats just plain messy and brutual.

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