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I've just had a set of Eibachs springs fitted that I was told may help improve the handling. (My car is a standard 6). I took the car to a track day at Bentwaters in Suffolk and the improvement is impressive ! especially on tighter corners - I have no idea what sort of time a standard Evo 6 can ultimately do at this track on normal road tyres but the best I got was 1m 14.7 seconds mostly were 1m 15 - 16secs. I was on a new set of Bridgestone Polenza 03's (which I can't believe are very good for dry track days).

The springs make the car less nervous especially under braking and you can feel that there is knowwhere
near as much lean as the standard springs. On tight corners the car can be pushed through much harder
and on the fast turns (70mph|PLS|) the car still understeers but the whole situation is far more controllable than before.

The ride itself for road use is unchanged - except the car just better if you are pushing it.
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