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Appologies all for missing the Bolney meet, sounds like it was even bigger than the first one.

Just spent the weekend in Talinn, Estonia...

Certainly an interesting place to visit....

Spotted while I was there.....

White Evo 5
new shape WRX STI
SL55 AMG (NICE car.... NICE Plate..)

Oh and lots of history as well

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All probably owned by the Russian mafia, as the average wage is about $100 month!

Did you have a good time? I spent a few months there a couple of years ago, what a top party town :)
Did you go to the bar owned by a Scottish guy, the trendiest bar in town, Vodka £1.70 a bottle!!

There were a couple of good clubs there aswell, what a mad place.

Beware of the pro's though ;)
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