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..i hope, that i can fit on next weekend my ordered
Blitz Nur Sper 'R' Cat Back..

|EQU| and amp;gt; BUT, i've no idea how the exhaust sound's ..i heard
several times give's a sporty note ..but does sb. own
some .wav -file's where i can hear a VI RS2 with a Blitz
exhaust ¿¿ border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Actually, that was a PE exhaust (and don't show this link round as my driving was crap!).

I have just had the Blitz fitted instead, and I don't even know what it sounds like yet! Sold the PE one to my mate.

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Got to agree with mip. I have an H and amp;S as well and although some think that it is too boomy, I think it is the dogs dangly bits. I have heard both mine and mip's from outside the car and it certainly turns heads. Possibly more important though is that it is reputed to produce the most power of current exhaust systems.

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The Blitz is 'Bloody Marvellous', had it on 2 weeks now, along with the de cat and Blitz front pipe and air induction kit. Where are you based? You can have a spin!!!! in mine if your close by. Also, isn't the Blitz the only all stainless exhaust?

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Join the pleased with my Blitz Nur-Spec R club :)

Tell me tho , where did u get yr Blitz front pipe (presumably the turbo outlet pipe) and do u know where 2 find an illustration ?

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Just had this put on mine. Anyone know how loud it is at 3/4 revs (dbA) figure with and without the baffle. I have the PE downpipe and 3 decat....

I know my external wastegate will drown it out, but it is just the static test I am trying to get round!

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Blade, you just slide the baffle in for the sound tests and then remove
it when you pass....its only 1 x 8mm bolt.

Ive been in evo's with all the big selling exhausts, Blitz, Super D, Hiper, Magnex and Mongoose.

Best so far, by far IMHO is the Blitz, but I can tell you now, it is DEFINITELY too
loud for some and too restrictive with the baffle in. It takes the best route too
and it is the best quality; only thing stopping me buying one is the 2.5 restriction 8-(

Blade, what were your thoughts on the restriction when you fitted the Blitz ?

Must listen to an H and amp;S , anyone in Kent with one I can listen too ?


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The restriction hasn't caused any backpressure 4 me, and the downpipe from the new turbo is only 2.7 anyway.

You can remove the restriction - EVO boy has done it. Just cut the flange of an weld a better one basically.

Am looking at doing a trick new downpipe that is 3 , and can accomodate the wastegate - so I can optionally vent to atmosphere or the exhaust :D

Would help on quiet days on track!

Any idea of the dba figure?

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My system without baffle insert (never used it :)) , noise tested at Coombe last year at 98 db at 1 mtr engine held at 4000 rpm with car stationary.
Can't say with baffle in.

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..ok.., i've fitted my Blitz Nur Spec R ..since one week.. 700km's to my RS-2 ! and without the baffle (looks like a washbowl-plug¿) it's bloody-
damn-LOUD ! (like the Tuby-Style exhaust of my friend's F 355 !!!!)

BUT!!! ...our swiss cat's havent's got a vertikal flanch/connection?
and the cat's about 5cm LONGER!! ..we had to shorten the Blitz and
welding the flanch from vertical to diagonal so!!!
(so, it wasn't a perfect fit... ) ..but main point: Blitz sounds soooo
sexy-deep-loud!!!! and has a perfect look!!! :)
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