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spitting fuel

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i've not had time to take the evo out lately and started it up today after washing it

the car warmed up idling nicely at 950rpm and i revved it to 4500rpm and it spit out quite a bit of fuel and got my friend

then after a few mins i revved it again but to around 6000rpm and loads of which looks and smells like petrol came out
the liquid looked quite like water

my friends swore so i got out and went round the back of the car and he was covered in the liquid and it had also travelled about 2 metres because it was all over the wall aswell and there was quite a lot of it on the floor aswell

does anyone know what this could be?
is my car ill?

the cars is fitted with cat back exhaust, blitz filter, lots of extra earthing

Other than that the car is ok
it holds boost well and drives good

this is the first tank of uk fuel the car has had (optimax)

I've just recently imported it for a friend-my personal car has similar mods but decat and ecu aswell

can anyone help
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iain newham said:
if it tastes of neat optimax then you might have a problem :D
I thought the flamer kit boys pay for that privilege.
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