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Speed sensor pin on cabin diagnostics connector for fixed navigation/ install help

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Hi guys,

I am trying to install a becker Cascade navi unit into a Evo 9...

Please can someone help me with the best locations to pickup the speed and reverse outputs - are these available from the Cabin Diagnostics connector??

If so what pins and where does this connector live?

Any other tips in where to mount the GPS reciever? If this is hidden will is still pickup a good signal?

Many thanks,

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Hello James ;)
GPS receiver = pop your intrument cluster out and pop it in, there is loads of space and works fine under the fascia pad material.
Reverse feed = forget it, unless you are Russ Swift and intend to drive in reverse a lot. The sat.s will pick up that you're no longer going forward and adjust your journey accordingly without the reverse feed. for speed signal, not sure, sorry...

hope this helps BTTT
Cheers Danny - ever helpful as always! :coolsm:

Just need the speedo connection info now guys....

Still looking where to take the speed signal wire from guys...

Any ideas????
Think I will just end up taking it from the ecu (pin 80)...

Just thought it may be in the loom somewhere...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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