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Has anyone had the Spec-R air box/ battery relocation kit fitted and are you happy with it? Seems that the removal of the 'Z' bend in the normal induction piping will help breathing at the top end.


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sorry I can't be of help with your question, but is the battery relocation kit available seperately? I just got a Gp. A carbon airbox from rallytech, (got the mirrors and rear wing, too, very nice pieces) and I think the battery will have to move to accomidate the box.


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Hi Ramana!

Did you receive your evo?
The gr.a airbox is made to be fitted just under the naca air intake of the bonnet.
In gr.a they remove all the plastic flat part of the naca air intake to change it for wire.

If you want to do that or not is up to you as I don't know how the airbox is made exactely and if the rain can go in or not.
Then from the airbox to the turbo I think they just use a big silicone hose,but remember thet you still have to fit the airflow meter,unless you use a motec ecu with a map sensor!

Maybe power engineering can supply only the aluminium piping and it would be less expensive
then the ralliart battery relocation kit but I don't know if it will fit your airbox without mods.
You should go for a taylor made piping.

Probably the battery is in the trunk in gr.a!

Did you contact Claudius about the quick shifts for the evo vi?

Can You send me a picture of your evo and of your engine bay with the carbon parts?
[email protected]


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Not sure if it can be done separately - check out

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