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Spacers on Evo 6 wheels?!?!

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Can I add a 5mm spacer to my standard Evo 6 wheels just to push them out slightly towards the arch?
I can`t afford 18s or an upgrade at the moment but I would like a slightly wider stance.

Any answers, comments or suggestions would be appreciated?

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did anyone else just see that tumbleweed go by?

You can, but you will prob need longer studs too.
You are normally ok up to 5mm without going longer studs..

I dont think its worth you doing tho personally..

Just get some wider 17"

Rota's ;)
Marvin - thanks for the reply :)

Rarerims - If I had spare cash for wheels i`d definitely go to 18" Rota GTRs and loose the tiny 17s :cry:

The spacers i`ve got are 5mm, Ideally just to fill the massive arches and create a slightly wider stance.

No substitute for a smaller offset wheel I know.
a lot of the peeps running AP's fit the longer studs, so they are easy to get. ;)
If you're going to fit longer studs it's a good idea to replace with high tensile ones. Co-ordsport sell 5mm and 10mm longer uprated high tensile studs for about a pound each.
Nice one :) I`ve just emailed Co-ordsport now :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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