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Sorry guys ,Jevo quickly pointed out that trax is on 2nd sept ,which I had totally forgot about.
So responce would be low as MLR have a stand at this venue.
OK! how about MONDAY 27th AUG bank holiday monday.
This should be more appealing ,same as before just leave a message on this thread ,sorry for the **** up.
Got to get it on !AS I go back to school in september.

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Right here we go.This is open any one who can spare the time.
Who wants to get out of
Bank holiday shopping?
Visiting relatives you hate.?
Gardening which should be done on sundays to get out of shopping.
Cleaning out the shed because all other days off you get you go shopping .
Now what can be more important than getting together with other Evo nutters and sharing a few gardening stories.
I know its a liitle bit of an awkward month as holidays /weddings/ christenings and things come up.
The deal is. On Monday 27th Aug ,to meet up at Swindon Mitsubishi,paddington drive Swindon Wilts. at 12-12.30 pm.
from here take a brisk/safe ride ,speed camera free to a local pub for lunch.
Bring the family,friends,any one with a motor worthy of coming venue TBA ,but with good size car park and a childrens play area ,as I will have my nutty child with me and may be the other half if she isn't shopping.
So be there or be square leg and bowled out for a duck.
E- mail me [email protected]
For directions .
But generally quite easy.
junction 16 M4 ,head into swindon .
3rd round about ,3rd exit into paddington drive.
down to the min round about,turn left ,2-300 yards on left alfa/fiat dealers turn left here and go ahead upto mitsubishi.
Which ever way you come from ,unless you know how to get across Swindon this is the easiest route.
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