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The last southern meet went off well ,with the amount of attendee's at windsor,Sorry for the car parking night mare.
Time to organise another one.
I would appreciate any one with knowledge of a pub in or around Newbury or Reading.
Criteria being
Good size car park a must.
Facility to accomodate 20 |PLS| for lunch in the same area.
Not too pricy, as EVO's cost alot to run
This meet is open ALL Evo's ,scoobs ,FTo's just to see why they didn't buy an EVO?
Family including kids .As I know alot of you would like to leave the wife and sprogs at home.

A suggested day of a sunday 1st of April 12 pm kick off ,thats lunch time for those not in a time warp.I missed a flight home from Corfu once cause I couldn,t read a 24 hour clock.Got stranded for 3 days.
Should be a reasonable response unless your supersticious.

This is a chance to get your bonnet up ,polish your motor and show it off to every one ,who is anyone,which is us.
If any one is in contact with Steve Tucker ,get his E6 there and all the polished bits.
Kevin !make sure Mark Shead of Mad D can make it,even if he brings a 500 bhp cossie.
Post hear.
or mail me off line [email protected]
Any suggestions welcomed to make it a great social occasion

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You made the windsor date ,so which ever venue is decided will be easier.


Paul s

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The closer one to London will be easier as I'm coming from Kent, but I could do either - any excuse for a drive!


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I can t make the 1st , but I ll try to make
the next one.
A great pub you could use is the;
JEKYLL and amp; HYDE
on the A33 between Reading and amp; Basingstoke
at the village of Turgis Green.
Plenty of parking , big garden , and good
priced food.
( the Honda owners bike club use it on a
wednesday night , so I can recommend it )
cheers Richard....

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Re:Southern meet. 1st /8th/15th


I shall be having a look at a couple of venues this week end.
Like always people have other things planned on certain dates .
How ever the 1st of April is a preliminary date .
It would be better if more could attend on another date.
Any one who would prefer another date? then post it.
In fact Any one who can just stick a sunday down that they will be free then I can take the biggest proportion from that ,and the fix it.Perameters of 1 st /8th/15th
Reading area is highly favoured though.
Will post more when venue is sorted .


Paul s

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I will be there,try Bird in hand its on the A4 to reading by twyford.Cant bring my RS500 not taxed or mot,d but will be doing it this next month so will take it next time see you there
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