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please bear with me as im new to the evo scene,being a cossie man.
i now have an evo 6.i have a receipt for an ecutek upgrade(750),it has a blitz air filter,it did have a cat back hks exhaust but i have just fitted a magnex system with decat.i have fitted a boost gauge today and its hitting 20 psi.
with an ecutek do most people fit an uprated fuel pump as i dont have any receipts for an upgraded one being fitted.can you tell by looking at the pumps which one i have?
also im considering fitting an apexi avc-r boost controller-is this the way to go-
will i have to get the ecu remapped again?

im just looking for decent power without going silly(at the mo!)

any other mods i should be considering?

look forward to the replys

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