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I have a few parts knocking about that i don't need.

All from my 6 TME.

Full carpet, couple of small holes under the passenger seat area where the extingisher was, and one down the side of drivers seat where the harness went through. Won't be seen when fitted, otherwise very good condition.


Most of the boot trim

standard intercooler pipes along with air con pipes and intake pipe.

Ally rad brackets from roundsport.

4 dunlop 18" slicks, done 2 trackdays, 1 in the wet so they only went on for the last session. Loads left on them. 15 quid each can bring to donny.

Rear window with hole in for wiper. £75

Various other bits of interior trim, ask i may well have it.

Evo 7 turbo with, actuator, manifold etc. £250

Set of used ap 330mm ds2500 pads, approx half left £25

Window swicthes.

pm me if you need anything you never know i may have it as the cars stripped.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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