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Solid state V power run

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When runing a dyno test with a turbo engine

Does a graph plot using solid state give a unfair picture especially under 4000 RPM when compared to a power run on a bench or RR Dyno

All turbo engines exibit some sort of Lag
Because solid state alows the turbine & comprsor to reach max speed for the RPM point does it give the impression that the engine is not exhibiting Lag when it is.

Further because of the above does solid state turbo graph give the impresion that a engine fitted with a big turbo produces good low torque when the opposite is occuring

1. Please state below if solid state graphs are
Fair 100%
Not sure can some one explain this further 50%
They give a big distortion of the engines power, Unfair 100%

2. Do you think you were mislead by your solid state graph
Will you bring your car to the next RR with solid state graph to compare

Does anyone on the MLR work on a Dyno everyday that is avalible to give a unbised opinion
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Christ Almighty!

Will someone just sell this man a big **** off turbo that will blow his mind PLEEEEEAAASSSEEEEE!
Fatman said:
But arnt you interested if Solid state is worth looking at

Has any one on here got a solid state & G-force graph we can overlay
Tbh Fatman, I couldnt give two hoots - dyno plots are only really any use when comparing a whole load of cars on one day in the same conditions. Or if you want to monitor your own cars progress as you work up through the modification ladder.

Out of interest, which turbo did you decide on then ?
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