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Due to us southerners having a lack of karting prowess I reckon we should have a meeting instead.

Date 10th feb

Place to meet Mitsubishi motors Swindon , only because I know where the speed cameras are.

venue Tba

Time 12 pm

To do blast through the country side have a chat and eat.

Welcome Any one with a fast car

Age limit No hillman imp drivers

Dress code up to you.But flares are definately a no no unless you are a bay city roller fan .but youll get the p!ss taken out of you.

entrance fee 1 tank of optimax and a tenner for lunch and a pint.

Subject matter what ever you want.swearing allowed.

If any one want the venue to go direct then I will mail you off line .
Dont want the plod involved.

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Yo Paul,

I'm back. And not a moment too soon by the looks of it.

Whats happened to the karting then? How does everybody expect to chase Paul around Swindon ok and not feel happy driving a kart indoors at 1/4 the speed (15mph I mean ;))

But if the kartings off then I'll just have to come along anyway and fly the cornish flag.

See you there folks

Steve :)
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