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I have put 2 SO3s on the front of my E4 225/45/16 and took the car for a wild card ride last night .
In the cold before warmed up the tyres feel lumpy when steering ,but as the tyre warms and softens balances out nicely.
The grip as I hit my favourite tight round about on turn in and large excelaration out is brilliant to say the least .The tyre just dug in ,drift was minimised more than the So2s and I gained a tighter exit ,Now I can feel the AYC.
On the larger round abouts the car drifted as normal which was expacted as the lateral Gs becomes the whole car and not just the front end .
I was very impressed as it was cold last night around 8.30pm.
The directional tread pattern is in reverse on the outs eide edge as Opposed to the SO2s which I still have on the rear .probobly accounting for the side wall grip under load .
No need for me to concider another tyre now .
Any one experienced SO3s on the track?

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Hi Paul

I'm quite surprised you like the S03. I used them on the road and on track and was happy when they'd gone. I found the sidewalls too flexible and the compound too soft so it melted down even on the road after some spirited driving.
Sure for an everyday allround tyre they're not bad and especially in the wet they do a good job. But not precise enough for me. I found with these tyres you need to constantly correct the line during hard cornering. This is maybe why you feel the AYC more. Grip is compared to the Falkens I drive now a leage below.
On track they didn't inpire confidence at all. Good on the skid pan circle for sideway action though.

This is just my opinion. Tyre rating is often quite subjective and depending on car setup and driving style.

No intension to spoil your fun



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Your right about the track day with the SO2s quite soft and pimpling when very hot has happened .
I had reduced my tyre wall down to 45 from standard 50 and increases the widthe from 205 to 225 from standard ,as still have standard wheels .Plus my car runs max negetive camber front and back.
So my inside edge is vunerable.
what I felt with my older yokos before the So2s was that the car slid more sideways in the dry.
But being an average driver but faster than most on the road at most times of the day ,and a liver of round abouts .The SO3s compared to the So2s have more grip on sharp turn in ,so much to say I reckon I could get the off side rear off the tarmac:D.
But like any thing Its a lot of money just to change a set of tyres and not like them.
being the only person I know in swindon with an EVo I have no one to compare with ,or at least sit passanger .
Although The Yoko Ao32 are incredible in the dry .The So3s now are an over all comprimise for the road.
After bedding the tyre in over the next week ,Snetterton will test them for me further .ROll on unleashed speed.

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have you been on the pina colada's again or is Daz writing in invisable type?

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Well at least share it with us ,no good keeping it to your self .
I'm sure all would like to read what it was that was said,Go on you know you want to.!
But be carefull its a sunday and we're a god loving people .
Has it satanic overtones?
Jf you were to play kylie manogues records in reverse you may start a cult.Don't be a shy guy .
Listen to Black Sabeths Paranoid ,Not too loud now as you will wake the dead.
At least you will be cured of hear say.

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just saw your post in the other thread. Drift those Bridgies down and get some Falkens. I gave them a try and I'm more than happy with them. You should see the grip of those!
In my opinion those semi-slicks like Yoko A are very good for track work but on the road no good in the wet and I would say too much grip for fun:D!

Isn't life trial and error! Same for me not too happy about my Sports ECU but currently it's anyway at or below zero here so car takes his winter sleep. Too much time though to think about new mods!



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The low speed turn in is brilliant but tonight I gave the car a good drive and the front feels very unstable compared to the SO2s which I could throw around no problem.
perhaps its getting used to the tyres but I can honestly say at High speed manouvres the front end I am unhappy about being in control.
The steering is all over the place,Every turn in on long sweeping bends feel like the car wants to wander further then I wish to steer it .
The SO3s have alot of tread [deep tread]may be as the wear progresses I will become more positive .But at the moment I am affraid that the frontend will loose it at a higher speed . Tight round abouts are better
The car is jittery and only on real heavy lock does the tyres grip beyond the SO2s.I have never been so unpositive at cornering high speed before.worrying very worrying.
I ll get used to it though !:)for the time being.

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not in a spirit of mine's bigger than your's type thing, this is the reason that I didn't go for the S03 as people had commented on poor feel. It's bad that the S03 should be worse than the S02 especially as you cant get the S02 anymore.

I went for the Yoko AVS Sport and whilst grip isn't great in the wet (better than S01 but that's saying nowt) they slide progressively so are good fun. The high speed drive is better than the S01 and they are very quiet. Dunno how long they will last as they don't seem to have much tread depth and seem quite soft.

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You could possibly dial out some of your problems through the geometry. I know that my Extreme had a similar feel with SO2's to start with but Ralliart played with the geometry and it is now great. What I find interesting is that different tyres need different geometry. We found this years ago when racing. I was too poor to by many new tyres so we often bought part used tyres from the rich boys. Every time we needed to redial the settings to make the car handle. Or maybe I couldn't adapt my poor driving as well as I should have been able to ;)

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I hear whats being said and may get the geometry looked at.
I am so suprised that a tyre from the same company I have been used to has such a different feel.
I like a hard ride from the tyre as then I know its attatched to the road .
the feel through the steering is good and this may contribute to how I'm feeling about the handling ?
It may be a case of getting used to them,but next sunday will give me a better idea.
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