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Since the avocation of MLR membership and write access to the forum ,we seem to be loosing a couple of members .
Claudius the XII
lee c
Gs red and some others .
It is sad to see that they have now departed contributing to this forum ,and may be moving onto other areas of the internet.
As much as some would say be missed ,I am sure that in time others will join and contribute similar if not more of their knowledge .
There have been others that have come and gone with out all the fuss that write access has generated,a natural process,like changing your local pub or changing your car .
But on some occassion some one will say . did you remember that fella /woman who used to come down here or used to own that motor
Like many things its talked about then its forgotten .Things progress and no matter what ! people are forgoten.
What ever ,despite the fact that £25 is not allot to pay ,and for those who are not willing to contribute for a years subscription you have done well for the the last few years .
This I guess is to bit you farewell .and many others will benifit by being members of a The MLR .
I know where my bread is buttered and I have an attitude which some times isn,t totally a fk it type .And I have an attitude I can assure you.
But Owning a Mitsi of a sort has benifitted me worth more than £25 .
Infact its benifitted me to the sum of over a £1000 and thats in second hand parts allown .
For all those thinking of ditching !
Just bear in mind the fact that ,your questions are answered promptly and by those that have greater knowledge than any other site related to Mitsubishi lancer turbo,s to the Evo VII, out side the ingrish spekin lanquidge :D.
Any way Ive got a babe on the boil and I'm sure she will be snorring her head off by now .
Good luck to all you de mobbing crew ,hope you have the the right suit .

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I have seen the light and sent Darin my 25 squids. Already had my £25 worth and haven't even bought my Evo yet.

I'm in for the duration.


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Well done Lee :) good to see your staying, lets hope more of you stay here. It's a great club that will IMHO get better with time, more people and more help skies the limit and of course ROLL ON SUMMER :D

Rgds Kevin
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