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A few of us are going to Snetterton Thursday evening 5.30pm till 8pm.

Alan is running so we are going to lend our support, come along and enjoy the evening :D

It would be nice to see some new local cars so pop by!

Cheers Liam

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me plus :D Name Car CC BHP Experience Status
Charles & Matt Taylor Caterham 7 1600cc 170 Experienced Confirmed
Barrie & Paul Whight / Gavan Kershaw Mosler MT90 5700cc *** Experienced Confirmed
Jay Wheals Luego Fireblade 900cc 120 Experienced Confirmed
Mike Reynolds Audi TT **** *** Experienced Confirmed
Paul Overton / Steve Love Vauxhall Vectra 2500cc 220 Experienced Confirmed
Frank Petitt Mini Cooper S 1600cc *** Experienced Confirmed
James Hughes / David Brailey Locost 1300cc *** Experienced Confirmed
Kerry Lewis Rover 216 Gti 2000cc *** Experienced Confirmed
Martin Swaffer / Keith Stevens Honda Civic Type R 2000cc 210 Experienced Confirmed
Tim Skipper Caterham 7 1600cc 120 Experienced Confirmed
Andrew Soar AS289 Cobra 4000cc 245 Intermediate Confirmed
Simon Hill / Andrew Shackleton Mazda MX5 1600cc *** Intermediate Confirmed
Peter Ward Ford Capri **** *** Intermediate Confirmed
AJ Vauxhall Astra Gte 2000cc 165 Intermediate Confirmed
Mick Oxborough / Paul Belson Ford Capri 2100cc 160 Intermediate Confirmed
Paul Foster Ultima Mk2 5.700cc *** Intermediate Confirmed
Simon Bordesley Subaru Impreza WRX 2000cc Turbo 350 Intermediate Confirmed
Mike Breakey Westfield SE 1600cc 130 Intermediate Confirmed
Ian Eveleigh Renault Clio 172 2000cc 170 Intermediate Confirmed
George & Michael Christou Toyota Celica GT4 **** *** Intermediate Confirmed
Martin Gibbs / Barry Grice BMW 318i **** *** Novice Confirmed
Mark Brirght / TBA BRA 289 Cobra 3500cc 200 Novice Confirmed
Paul Adams Honda Integra 1800 190 Novice Confirmed
Rachael Jennings Mazda MX3 1600 90 Novice Confirmed
Andy Daines BMW M3 3200cc 300 Novice Confirmed
Jon & Carol Lines Austin Mini 1293cc 95 Novice Provisional

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Pitty the weather did not play ball :mad:

Good evening and got to see Benny's new 3 and his mates 4. Nice line up with Mad Monk, Alan, Sean and us :coolsm:

See you all Sunday

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