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Signature Rule Reminder

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In recent months it has become apparent to all the moderators that signature rules are not being followed, either because people push it by going 'just' a little bit bigger than allowed or simply because they either don't know or ignore the rules.

This situation has only one logical outcome and that is that more and more people will have larger and larger signatures as they see others getting away with it.

This means the MLR forums will deteriorate into the mess that I am sure we have all seen on other forums where you have to scroll around to try to find the post among all the signature GIF's and life stories.

This cannot be allowed to happen and therefore starting immediately any signature breaking the rule by even one pixel will be moderated.

The rules governing signatures are reprised below to save people going looking for them.

Users are requested to appreciate other users of the site and keep the size of their signatures to a reasonable size. A reasonable size is a maxium height of 125 pixels or 5 lines of text. Signatures may be edited if too large.
This is a MAXIMUM of 125 pixels in height OR (not AND) 5 lines of text.

Big scrolling animated GIF's are also not acceptable.

If you suspect you have a signature which is outside the signature rules, please amend it immediately.

Many thanks.
MLR Moderators.
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