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should new cars be like this??

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Things wrong with the car - since 24th November 2004 (the day we picked it up)
Creaking windscreen
SRS light came on - been in to garage 2 times
No rear fog light
No interior light
Knocking coming from back of car
Wipers coming on when they want
Broken radio - been replaced
SRS control unit to be replaced

First visit to garage - Middle December 2004

Interior light - not coming on
Creaking windscreen

Second visit - Early January 2005

SRS light came on

Third visit - 10th January 2005

To get windscreen fixed
SRS light again
Rear fog light - was none
Wipers coming on when they want to
Workshop broke stereo

Forth visit - 15th January 2005

To get stereo replaced
SRS light again

24/1/05 - I phone garage to see if SRS unit was in, was told it would be in on the 31/1/05. wife also phoned them to tell them about the knocking coming from the back of the car

10/2/05 -wife phoned to see if part was in, spoke to someone in parts, they said that it was in and someone should have phoned to let me know. He was going to get someone to call me back within the hour to get the car booked in. No one phoned.

16/2/05 -a staff member from the garage phoned to get the car booked in, nearly a week after someone else was supposed to do it. Car booked in for Tuesday 1st March -
over a month since the part came in.

21/2/05 - I phoned to tell them about knocking again and to say that it was hard to get into some gears

Fifth visit - 1st March 2005

Get new control unit for SRS light
Knocking coming from rear of car
Gear Stick stiff

Sixth visit - 4th April 2005

In for 4500 mile service
Knocking coming from rear of car - both sides
Wipers coming on when they want to by themselves - yet again

5/4/05 - wife phoned and spoke to staff member- The wipers had just come on again by themselves. It was a sunny day and it was about 2.15pm ish. The first time I had been in the car that day. I had not even driven 1 mile.

Seventh visit - 6/4/05

Into get the wipers checked - again

8th visit 9/4/05 - two sets of keys NOT working - they do not lock or open the door

11/4/05 back in to get the keys fixed

:goingmad: :goingmad: :goingmad: :goingmad:

70 miles round trip each time!!!
wish i bought a sti!! :wallbang:

sorry... just had to blow off some steam
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GlobalGB said:
You see that first post you have made? Why don't you copy it into a word document and print it out. Demand to see the manager, plant the piece of paper firmly on the desk and say 'Do you find this acceptable?'

That has to be one of the worst experiences of owning a new car I have read.
Better still, ask him if he is able to get online, point him at the biggest Evo owners club in the country which gets millions of hits weekly, point him at the thread THEN ask if he finds it acceptable.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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