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Hi Guys,

Opinions? Will I notice a performance increase? The eov 6 is in icelle blue. Is this a bright blue or a darkish blue?
Does it stand out from the crowd better than my white evo 5 ?
Let me know your opinions guys... thanks

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To my knowledge the difference in performance
is very minimal, and looks wise? I think all
Evos look good, but personally between the 5/6
there is little between them.
You'll be better off using the money towards
improving the cars performance, as if you get
the 6, you'll be spending more money to do
exactly the same thing.!!

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I must admit the question of whether to move from my IV to a V/VI or now VII still is always on my mind. Been considering it for over 4 months now and still no clearer???
Decided until I'm really sure I'll keep my IV as I absolutely love it and have spent over a year moding it to suit my tastes.
I agree with SuperEvo4, probably better spending the difference on mods to up bhp etc., unless the colour change is significant to you, personally I like any colour as long as it painted on an EVO!!
No worries...

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I think that you could change from a v to a vi only if you get a newer one with much less miles on it,and if for example you have an rs but as you don't drive it in twisty roads you would prefer a gsr or rsx to get air conditioning and longer gearbox.

If it's just to change for the same model and mileage but from v to vi there are no performance improvement.Just keep your v and upgrade it border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >!

But if the vi has lees miles I think that you should change it.
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