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Thanks to Dave Hill at SHM for sorting out my wife's Laguna today.

SHM really are the best garage I've ever been to by a mile. Not only Dave's expertise in all things Evo, but they are so helpful, willing to do anything without fuss or horrendous expense.

I think the new shop will need air conditioning, though ;)

Also met Dave (god of the website) Griffiths for the first time; nice chap.

Only downside is I want another Evo EVEN more now :cry:

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Good to meet you too Andy. Glad to see Dave didn't damage those French alloys :D, but as usual he did a top class job. Got my suspension set up a treat too :smthumbup.

Look forward to seeing you in Evo soon.

Nice place SHM have got there. It was my first visit. I hear John 'The Fonz' has left SHM.
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