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I think this is worth broadcasting, been trying to lay low.

Just had my E6 serviced by of Long Crendon. Decided that it I would forego the Ralliart stamp and know that I was getting the car serviced properly.

Both Dave and amp; Mike are friendly and happy to talk all thing cars. Mike has an Alfa 156 track day prepared with MOTEC ECU and amp; DATA LOGGER etc (For sale for £9k).

Anyway, my car has done a very small mileage in 28 months. The last service was carried out by a Ralliart approved outfit and our thoughts during my service was that some of the oils on previous service MAY not have been exchanged. Dave didn't mind me watching him complete the service throughout (I say MAY as this is a very subjective subject - but the oils were VERY black). :(

On the subject of Gearbox oil (HH6 was really into this) - THEY change it every service - 4,500 miles (Not 22,500 or 45,000 etc). :D

I will put more info on my website later including a breakdown of the bill (will check with Mike first - rather than just go ahead).

Anyway, if you live around the Oxford area - I would take your EVO there. :)



PS. Best go and read Wastegate Chatter - as its just dropped on the floor.

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For the cost of labour and oil I'll be having my gear box and diff oil changed every service too, either that or I'll get off my fat lazy ass and do it myself (though the first is a far easier option :D)
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