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What is the recommended service interval for Evo V (or does it depend on how hard driven - heh heh) and are there any english translations of the handbook available?

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Re handbooks...

I have an english handbook that's a New Zealand translation of the japanese for the EVO 6.

Your local friendly importer should be able to get you one (Warrender supplied mine).

BUT - it's got all the detail of the standard lancers in it and not much EVO specific stuff. Also, in the service info the charts haven't been translated too well.

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This is what's available from Co-ordSport; (direct copy of description from their catalogue)

Part No: and Description:
B806F009A1 Parts catalogue, 3 books Lancer '96/99 Covers Colt, E3/4/5,
all Parts Lists, technical and Workshop Manuals £115
N9806CNCP9 Technical manual E4/5 £60
N9806CNCP9A Technical manual E6 £60
S9806CNCP9 English Workshop manual £75
S9806CNCP9A English Workshop manual (2 books) £75
Service record and Information manual £10
I think they will also provide Evo handbooks, which I believe are the same price as the listed FTO ones, ie £30
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