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I thought some of the members on this forum would like to see a video of a car we've been working on.

Instead of a pneumatic or hydraulic gear change system this car uses one that's electronic and controlled by the ECU.

The paddles used transmit their signal wirelessly to the receiver which outputs to the ECU and it commands the actuator. This wireless system allows the driver to detach the steering wheel in a race scenario with no curly cord and it will still operate from 6m away. The wireless system is endlessly configurable by the user via USB to choose between momentary or latching for the switches on his 8 channel unit. It also has a unique ID so it does not interfere with other users units.

There are many advantages with this electronic actuator as the data logging shows that the shift time is repeatable and consistent throughout back to back lapping. The driver can also choose an assist mode where once a set value 'X' has been detected, the ECU will command the unit to take over the shift. In doing so it prevents the driver from incorrectly pulling or pushing the lever causing a poor gear change.

Some drivers want paddles for racing but to retain the lever for the feel of being connected to the car - here it is! Nothing needs to be detached or adjusted in order for the driver to use the lever and there is little to no added resistance on the push/pull feel of the lever overall.

Some technical details for you as you might be interested:

moving magnet technology with magnetic spring
no contact shaft position sensor available
35mS typical shift time
maintenance free
auto sport connector
progressive pushing mode
isolated power and CAN
no pump, no seals, no tubes, no fluid
+/- 18mm stroke
100A peak current
20w per one gear shift over 2 seconds
high push/pull force
900N starting push force
700N middle push force
diagnostics and command on CAN
9-18v supply
100c max operating temperature
IP68 rated

This video was pieced together from various videos of various people involved while being engineered to fit and work with this car.

The mounting solution for this unit will be available off the shelf for the Evo 5 chassis and Samsonas gear lever.
We are currently working on an Evo 8 that uses the Quaife lever in order to provide an off the shelf mounting solution. By mounting solution we mean the base plate for the unit which will bolt to existing mounts in the chassis and a lever mount that will attach easily. There are actuators that are designed to be 'box or chassis mounted.

Please contact us with any questions.


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How do you select reverse ???
The unit can be switched into LOW power (weaker) mode to engage 1st and Reverse from the paddles but it was decided to not use this and for the driver to select both of those gears manually using the lever. This is the reason you see him pull the lever for 1st in the second video. From 1st to 5th it's all paddle control and at no point is the unit powered OFF or disconnected physically in any of the two videos.
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Edited first post to add that it's IP68 rated.

There is also an option to mount this to a fixed position on the gearbox. This version doesn't have mounting feet but another spherical on the opposite end to allow the unit to move in an arc or in the shape of the throw that's determined by the lever on the box and it's design type.

There is more to come from this unit as well as our business so please keep an eye out for us.


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