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Another invite to theLancer world to have a go at Sprinting with SELOC!

I noticed that quite a few of you on here have been bitten by the Track day bug and might want to take your driving that bit further. Over at we will be organising a Sprint championship this year. A sprint is basically a track event where you do a lap alone against the clock. It is a pretty cheap form of motorsport as A) No competitors to contact, B) Licence is paid for, no ARDS required/medical etc C) No silly entrance fees and D) Classes to suit each car- you won't get put in directly against Single seaters, etc!

For further details:
Event Information Paperwork to get a licence (Non-race national B, apply on the day)
Proban race suits with 20% off
A Noble on the course
A Caterham on the course
Fishy dave giving it large and some handsome fella getting excited with his brakes!

Aside from the proban (or better) suit you'll need a BS Type A helmet (from any Motorbike shop) but no fancy shoes/gloves etc.

Its a fun way to get the thrill of competition without the enormous bills of Circuit racing. Come and show us what you are made of!

The point scoring events will be at North weald Airfield.
The events will be approx £55 a time to enter so once you've factored in the suit, etc over the series then it cheaper than Trackdays!

Most questions you might have will be answered on this thread:
but feel free to ask some more if they aren't covered.

The winner last time was a lancer in the cold grotty weather, will the advantage still be there on a nice warm July day? (fingers crossed ;) )

No medical required, licence application is a formality, no test required, Proban suit is about £60, standard cars with standard tyres are perfect. I've recycled some text so apologies if there are any mistakes!
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